This section presents all you need to know about what to expect, how to get involved, and how to contribute to the Gaia-X Framework.

Roadmap and Release Plan 

As your trusted partner we know how important it is to know when you can expect new releases. Here you can find our preliminary Roadmap and Release Plan 2022 and 2023.

On a yearly basis, key releases are scheduled about new functionalities and standards based on European Law and state of the art technologies as these are displayed here.

Minor releases will present improvements to current standards and functions and may be published between key releases.

Release Strategy  

To be a reliable partner for our members, we are currently working on the Gaia-X Release Strategy to enable you to plan, schedule and deploy your Gaia-X compliant projects and Data Spaces easy and without disruptions. It is our primary goal to ensure that the integrity of the live environment is protected and that the correct components are released.

Currently, the Release Strategy Document is work in progress – as described in our Requirement 2 Product Process done in a Sprint.

In case you may wish to contribute, please register through our Self-Service Portal (SSP):

Upon release, you will find the Gaia-X Release Strategy here.

For the time being, our Release Strategy is n-1 which will give you at least 12 months, to adapt a new release.

Requirement to Product Process

How to contribute to the Gaia-X Framework

Let´s get familiar with our Requirement Tool, the Requirement to Product Process, the agile Sprint Work and learn how you, as a member, can contribute.

Requirement to Product

For the development of all required components and artefacts of the Gaia-X Framework we implemented a new agile process – The Requirement to Product Process – to learn more about the process click here.

Step 1

To register a new requirement, you need to have access to our Self Service Portal.

If you access the Portal for the first time you need to register for easy access. To learn how to do that: coming soon How to video.

To register a new requirement at the Gaia-X Self Service Portal, you need to provide detailed information on how the requirement supports the business case and which business impact you may see.

To learn how to do this, please click here – Requirement registration (coming soon:  how to Video)

Step 2a/b

We work in an agile way with sprints.

There are weekly Sprint Planning Meetings in place. In the Sprint Planning Meetings, Working Group representatives discuss all requirements, perform grooming and request clarifications per requirement, by assuring a clear analysis on what the possible impact may be on other deliverables.

The Sprint Planning Meeting every Wednesday discuss and groom requirements, prepare the requirements for the Change Control Board, plan & staff the upcoming sprints.

Step 2

The Change Control Board (CCB) is the confirmation body for all requirements qualified for a Sprint.

In the CCB Meeting, there are representatives from all Committees and Vice Chairs.

Decisions within Gaia-X, follow the rules described in our Operational Handbook.

The CCB is a bi-weekly meeting on Mondays, where the requirements ready for a sprint get their final endorsement or rejection. A rejected requirement can be presented at a maximum of three times to the CCB before a final dismissal.

Step 3

Gaia-X uses the agile Sprint Methodology to realise the requirements (learn what is a sprint/ coming soon how to video)

What is in for you?

From now on, you have an easy way to contribute to the Gaia-X deliverables and artefacts. You register for a Sprint at our Self Service Portal by choosing „Sprint Squad Application“ and sharing your skills and availability.

In the near future, we will provide the Beta Version of documents some time before they are published in a new Release. This is a members only service.

Check out for a Beta Version here. If you visit for the first time, please ensure taking a tour by clicking the button at the top.

There is a Requirement to Product Webinar available, which explains the motivation and the way it works. Check out the Video below to learn all about the R2P Process.

Agile Work

To enable member contributions and a faster way forward, we have decided to work in an agile way.
To learn more about such working methods and how we use them within Gaia-X, a series of Agile Coaching sessions will be available soon..

Sprint contribution

We have introduced a clear and structured way to work, with the “Requirement to Product Process”.
Gaia-X moved to a more agile way to develop the Gaia-X Framework content.

Working with sprints enables all members to easily contribute to the Gaia-X deliverables.

All sprints that the community is currently working on are displayed in the Sprint Register, which is stored in the DCP.

To register for a sprint, please go to the Self Service Portal .
There, you will be able to register your availability and skills to contribute to the sprints.
If you need more guidance, listen to our (How to video)

The work in progress sprints is shared and reported with the Committee Leads and the Board of Directors. All members are informed in the Monthly Member Newsletter.
Please share this with your Gaia-X community and register now, if you want to make a difference.

How to join a working Group

Under the three Committees, there are Working Groups working on the Gaia-X framework deliverables.
Within a working group, each member can register one person to contribute to the content of the Gaia-X Framework deliverables definition. The documents will be worked on in Sprints.

The documents are created/established in a democratic way – on a majority vote. There are no veto rights from any members. Documents are approved according to the R2P process.
To join a working group, please go to and fill out the form at the end of the page.