🧪 Gaia-X Lab

The Gaia-X Lab is a development team under the Gaia-X CTO office.

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The missions of the Gaia-X Lab are to:

  • write prototypes to technically validate functional and technical hypothesis made by the Gaia-X Working Groups, when working on the Gaia-X specifications.
  • demonstrate working prototypes.
  • accelerate the development of external OpenSource Software (OSS) project.
  • identify missing functional components in the Gaia-X Specifications


  • The results of the prototyping activities are shared with the Gaia-X Working Groups and the Gaia-X Lighthouses projects for their own considerations.
  • The Gaia-X Lab doesn’t contribute to the Gaia-X specs.
  • The Gaia-X Lab doesn’t release any official Gaia-X deliverables.
  • All working activities are publicly done in the current repository.

Our backlog is available here https://gaia-x.atlassian.net/browse/LAB.


What happens to the prototyping code ?

The result of the prototyping work is always shared with the Gaia-X Working Groups.

  • If the prototype is unsuccessful, the git repository is archived.
  • If the prototype is successful:
Accelerator = the prototype is a feature of an existing OSS project.It’s contributed back to the OSS project.
Filler = the prototype identified a missing Gaia-X Component.It’s released as a new OSS project under the Eclipse Foundation.1
Demo = the prototype showcases a workflow for educational purposeIt’s released as a new OSS project under the Gaia-X OSS rules.

What licenses are used ?

All Gaia-X Lab projects follow the Gaia-X OSS rules. The license is either Apache-2.0 or EPL-2.0.

How can I contact the Gaia-X Lab ?

The preferred contact point with the Gaia-X Lab team is the current repository. Please open ticket and merge-request for questions and improvements.

Can and How can I contribute ?

Everyone, member and non-member are welcomed to send merge-request for review by the Gaia-X Lab team.

How can I join the Gaia-X Lab team ?

Please check the Gaia-X website for open-positions https://www.gaia-x.eu/open-jobs.2

You can also directly contribute via this repository by opening tickets and submitting merge-requests.

Happy Coding !

Gaia-X Lab team

  1. The exceptions are the Gaia-X Registry and the Gaia-X Compliance services that will be released as OSS projects under the Gaia-X OSS rules.
  2. The Gaia-X Lab is not a Gaia-X Working Group.