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  • Tech Newsletter – ISSUE 8
      Dear Tech Community, Here you can find our latest updates. 👉 Gaia-X Framework 👉 Gaia-X Specifications 👉 Gaia-X Articles – CTO Series 👉 Hackathon #5 👉 Tech Deep Dives 👉 Gaia-X Summit 2022   📌 Gaia-X Framework ============================ Take a tour of our latest Gaia-X matrix, allowing you to filter all of our communication …

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  • Tech Newsletter – ISSUE 7
    Dear Tech Community, We would like to wish you Happy Summer Holidays. Our team is enjoying the summer vibes and we hope you too. ☀️ ☀️ 🏖️ 🏖️ 🌊 🌊 ✔️ Connect with us During this quiet month, we want to take the opportunity to connect with you. We aim to meet the needs of our …

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  • Tech Newsletter ISSUE #6
    Dear Tech Community, Here is our latest Gaia-X tech news. This month concludes with an overview of:   ✔️ SIMPL ✔️ Latest Hackathon 20-21 June 2022 ✔️ Trust Framework and online API ✔️ Call for contributions ✔️ Gaia X Summit 2022 ✔️ CTO office is hiring!   📢 SIMPL ============================ SIMPL is the intelligent middleware that will enable cloud-to-edge federations and …

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  • Technical Committee 2022/06/24
    General announcement The Glossary will be handled by the COO office. The intent is the build the Glossary out of the specification and not the otherway around. Management team update (COO/CFO) Docs: please use to create links between documents, pointing to direct section Hiring: Backend Software Developer / Technical Content Writer. Jobs offer will …

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  • Technical Committee 2022/06/17
    General Update compliance service BoD update hackathon #4 Data Exchange SubWG working on the definition Service Characteristics SubWG Define first set of attribute for Intrastructure Services based on real world senarios Identified “unsolved” problems with respect to write SD, e.g. how to link SD with each other or how to map SD to …

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