๐Ÿ“‚ PPO

The Projects and Proposal Office (PPO) has the crucial role of screening funding opportunities, both at national and European levels through various networks. The research for the calls is based on the lines of business of the Association`s company members. Members are informed about the ongoing tender calls by the PPO through a featured funding newsletter on a frequent basis.

Project and Proposal Office Team:

  • Alessandra Perna, Community & Funding Manager
  • Francesca Nista,ย Membership & Operations Officer
  • Any question? Contact us at ppo@gaia-x.eu

Projects and Proposals Office Benefits

Receive monthly communication on relevant funding opportunities at European and National levels.

Receive any details on the calls you are interested in, ranging from basic requirements to evaluation criteria.

Find the best partners among Gaia-X members and collaborate to build consortia together. At a later point in time, we will aim to enable a match-making set up within Gaia-X intranet.

Share your project with the PPO to receive an endorsement for your proposal, through a support or recommendation letter!

More information on the endorsement process, please see here:ย https://community.gaia-x.eu/f/14360450

Strengthen the Hubs Network collaborating on tenders and encouraging partnerships.

Interact with Gaia-X members through our platform (intranet) for new collaborations and projects! – In progress