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  • Technical Committee 2022/10/28
    CTO update Gaia-X Framework update –     Purpose to better visualize the software elements, by simplifying their description on the first page and adding a separate page. –    It is observed that the software elements categorised as “External”, are not linked to the Gaia-X specifications like those under the Gaia-X Lab or that are …

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  • Technical Committee 2022/10/21
    CTO update OSS Community –        Hackathon report published – –        Link to the Press release –        The group started working collectively on the agenda – see –        Link to the minutes Documents to be presented to the TC at the latest on October 28th and voted on November …

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  • Technical Committee 2022/10/14
    CTO Update BoD Update Updates on the Summit have been provided (agenda, location) The new release of the Architecture Document has been approved (22.10) – the license will be updated to CC BY-NC-ND before publication. CI pipeline to be fixed in GitLab. The next release will be 22.11, with the content already discussed within the …

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  • Technical Committee 2022/09/30
    Approval of the Architecture Document 22.09 The release of the new version of the Architecture Document (22.09) is unanimously approved. Update of the license of the Architecture Document  Under the assumption that the Legal Group and Gaia-X General Legal Counselor give their approval for a CC-BY 4.0 or a derivative, the TC agree to update …

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  • Technical Committee 2022/10/07
    CTO Update Use of CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license for Gaia-X documents Following legal consultation, the better license to be applied to the Gaia-X Architecture Document and to the other Gaia-X deliverables seems to be  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. NC= Non-Commercial (you can’t sell the document) ND= No Derivatives (not possible to “rebrand” the content and publish …

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