Gaia-X Hubs

The Gaia-X Hubs are the thinktank of the Association. They represent the region with its data spaces. They adapt the Gaia-X deliverables in their use cases and give feedback to the Assocation Groups. The Gaia-X Hubs are the central contact points to inform, increase understanding and clarify any questions on a national basis. The Gaia-X Association and the national Gaia-X Hubs cooperate,

They are independent from the Gaia-X Association.

The Hub Handbook is maintained by the working group Hubs in the DSBC: The Hub Handbook explains all relations of the Gaia-X Hubs with the Association:

A key element of the Hubs is the setup and development of data spaces:

All information related to Hubs is stored on the DCP: and maintained by the WG Hubs (

The latest Hub map is stored  also there as well as and the Hub distributions lists are maintained there:

Vertical Ecosystems and Gaia-X Hubs

The Vertical Ecosystems of the DSBC have a link to the Gaia-X Hubs as depicted in the figure above. The collaboration in Verticals ensures the application of Gaia-X deliverables in specific domains.

As illustrated in the figure below, they create and maintain documents like white papers or position papers.

The Use Cases of Gaia-X are related to these deliverables. Several Gaia-X Use Cases build the content base of document creation and maintenance.

The Use Cases of Gaia-X may have a solid project and business relation to ensure their market applicability. Therefore, external projects which are built on real business needs and solutions build the basis surrounding the Gaia-X projects. By following this process, the business relevance of Gaia-X Use Cases as well as the Gaia-X community inclusion can be ensured.

The relationships are depicted in the illustration below:

Gaia-X Hub Coordinator

The Gaia-X Hub Coordinator synchronises the work of the Gaia-X-Hubs. The coordinator is the central point of contact for the Gaia-X Association for all aspects when cooperating with the Hubs.

Within the Gaia-X Association, the COO office is the central point of contact for the Hubs for all organisational aspects of the cooperation with the Association. The COO office organises a regular Hub Coordinator call to coordinate the cooperation between the Association and the Hubs.

The Associations’ DSBC collaborates with the Gaia-X Hubs in the areas of the ecosystems, the data spaces and the Gaia-X use and business cases. The central points of contact for the DSBC are the Gaia-X Hub Coordinators.

The Gaia-X Hub Coordinator ensures a smooth operation and takes on the management within the Hub. The Hub Coordinator is the central point of contact for all national parties involved or interested in Gaia-X. It shall be aspired that the Gaia-X Hub Coordinator is mandated and funded by the national government. The person being the Gaia-X Coordinator shall be with a member organisation of the Association to ensure the full access to all Association information provided to its members.