Member Communication

To keep you informed on the work and progress of the Association and the Working Groups, there are webinars and newsletters in place:

Member Webinars

Member Onboarding Webinar

Every 2 months, every 3rd week, there is an onboarding webinar for new members, for all member representatives to attend.

Here you get information:

  • How to use the intranet
  • What are the Working Groups working on
  • How to attend a Working Group
  • What is the Gaia-X framework and where tofind the mandatory documents
  • Which tools are available and how to use them
  • Which are the Hubs and EcoSystem verticals
  • How to communicate and get in contact with the Gaia-X Association

Repository of Onboarding Webinars: 

Onboarding Material

Monthly Member Webinar

During the 1st week of each month, there is a Member Webinar for all member representatives

Here you get information about:

  • Monthly achievements of the Working Group and the Management Team
  • BoD Updates and Decisions
  • New Members
  • New Document Releases
  • Member Contribution
    • Sprit information
    • Calls for actions (speakers, podcast, etc)

Community Newsflash

Exclusive benefit for our members! The participation link is shared with all our members via email.

  • The presentation is available here
  • The recording is available here
  • Dissemination is forbidden

Next scheduled call: Friday 1 July ✍️ Mark your calendars today!


1. CEO

  • Progress
  • Roadmap

2. COO

  • Transparency
  • Elections
  • Set up of the WG
  • Jira
  • Label Survey
  • Summit 2022
  • Inauguration of Gaia-X Hub Austria

3. CTO 

  • Trust Framework
  • Architecture Document
  • Data Services Specifications
  • Intranet

4. CFO

  • PPO and Endorsement Criteria
  • Onboarding Package

5. CMO

  • Data Space Events
  • Magazine
  • Podcast


7. Q&A

The meeting recording is available here.


  • Transition 2021/2022 – from setup to adoption
  • 2022 new organization – ready to deliver
  • Communications Updates
  • GXFS Updates

The meeting presentation is available here.
The meeting recording is available here.


  1. Transition 2021/2022 – from setup to adoption
  2. 2022 new organisation – ready to deliver
  3. Gaia-X software lab – rapid validation and start of all OSS projects
  4. Common requirements baseline – RMP
  5. Common change control – CCB
  6. Technical Roadmap – Q1-Q2 deliverables
  7. Projects and Portfolio management – Business projects and framework projects
  8. New 2022 communication calendar
  • The meeting presentation is available here.
  • The meeting recording is available here.


1. COO

  • Implementation of the OP Handbook
  • International Hub Collaboration
  • Gaia-X milestones: 5 years roadmap

2. CFO

  • Calls for participation – EU Calls issued
  • Consortia Building

3. CTO

4. CMO

  • Latest Publications –
    • Vision & Strategy
    • Gaia-X Federation Services (GXFS)
  • Events
    • Digital Europe: Cloud, Edge and Data Spaces Funding Opportunities – 28 Jan 2022
  • Website re-engineering
  • Press visibility – driving content from within
  • Gaia-X Magazine

5. DSBA Alliance

Meeting recording available here.


1. COO

  • Implementation of the OP Handbook
  • International Hub Collaboration
  • Cooperation with external Gaia-X related projects
  • Gaia-X milestones

2. CFO

  • Calls for participation – EU Calls issued
  • Consortia Building

3. CTO

4. CMO

  • Summit discussion, statistics, and collection of positive clips- article
  • Comfort letter
  • Labelling publication – graphical and video representation
  • Third-party event participation
  • Press visibility – driving content from within
  • Weekly Press Review
  • Gaia-X Magazine

5. Key aspects from a Vice-Chair perspective:

  • DSBA Alliance

Meeting recording available here.

Dear Gaia-X friends and fellows,

the summer break is just around the corner (or has already started in some countries), nevertheless there is a lot going on at Gaia-X. All groups within Gaia-X are working towards the milestones shown in our roadmap in the newsletter. In addition, the number of contributors to the project continues to grow – we are happy to have all those who are involved and who, with their knowledge and drive, make Gaia-X a success.

We hope you enjoy reading about the latest Gaia-X’ updates and wish you a nice summertime.

Your Gaia-X Communication Team

Gaia-X’ Milestones

The recently published roadmap shows how Gaia-X will develop strategically over the next year: especially in the technical areas of data spaces, infrastructure, and Federation Services, as well as at the systemic level of our common rules and guidelines. It specifies when which parts of the complex Gaia-X ecosystem are to be developed and how the sub-steps are to be interlinked.

For the technical milestones several hackathons are planned by the end of the year to validate the hypothesis of the roadmap and accelerate Gaia-X’ development. We will soon publish topics of interest for the Gaia-X hackathons and collect ideas: anyone from the interested community can submit technology-related topic suggestions on the mailing list. (Before you can post on it you must register yourself on the mailing list)

Follow the Process of the Architecture Document

Gaia-X is continuously working on its Architecture of Standards, describing, and aligning existing standards and codes of conduct while enforcing data usage policies. Our Technical Committee has recently published the latest version.

Among other things, you will now find an illustration of the Gaia-X Conceptual Model using the example of a Personal Finance Management service, improvement of the policies and network interconnection sections, improvement of several definitions in the glossary and finally the first version of an operating model, paving the way for the first Gaia-X services.

You can follow the continuous process on the Gaia-X Architecture Document at

Co-creation at Gaia-X Hackathons

Several Gaia-X Hackathons are planned until the end of the year, the first of which will take place on 30 and 31 August 2021. Involving the entire community and their diverse skills and abilities, we aim to build technology demonstrators of our MVPs. All interested developers – established contributors as well as newcomers – are invited to contribute ideas for the implementation of the technical milestones and to help develop Gaia-X prototypes.

Together we will prototype open-source software with protocols and software stacks that are of interest to Gaia-X (e.g. DLT, DID, DCAT/DCAT-AP, AS4, SCIM, TOSCA). We also aim to showcase one of the two scenarios described in the June release of the Architecture Document: We are looking for demonstrators that show how the Gaia-X Federation Services and/or the Gaia-X Registry can be used.

The organisational and content planning of the eventwill be communicated by end of this week via the mailing list Sign up for the mailing list to stay informed and register for the first Gaia-X Hackathon.

New Hubs and Members within the Association

Gaia-X Hubs are being launched in more and more European countries. Within the last weeks, the Hubs in Slovakia, the Netherlands, Finland, and Greece have been inaugurated. This means that Gaia-X Hubs have started operations in 20 participating countries. You can find an overview of all national Hubs here.

Moreover, 16 new members have joined Gaia-X, European Association for Data and Cloud, AISBL. This brings the total number of members in the Gaia-X family to 286 – you can find the full list here. Among them are providers or users of data infrastructures, IT start-ups, research institutions and business associations.

In Portrait: COO Dr Dominik Rohrmus

Get to know Dr Dominik Rohrmus: he joined Gaia-X as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in June 2021. This means that he manages, controls, and organises the entire operational processes and operational services for the Gaia-X Association.

Dr Dominik Rohrmus holds a PhD in mechanical engineering. He worked for German SMEs in the industrial and healthcare sectors before re-joining Siemens in 2005 in various roles in manufacturing and production development. There, he founded the Sustainable Production Technology corporate programme, and he has led the research group working on the standardisation of the future for Siemens factories worldwide. Since 2016, Dr Rohrmus has been CTO of the non-commercial and pre-competitive association Labs Network Industry 4.0 e.V.

For our blog, we talked with Dr Dominik Rohrmus about his new role at Gaia-X and took a look into the future. Read the interview.

Winners of Funding Competition

With a funding competition, the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is promoting the development of lighthouse projects in the form of use cases within the Gaia-X domains and across domains. These include the areas of Industry 4.0/SME, Health, Finance, Public Sector, Geoinformation, Smart Living, Energy, Mobility and Agriculture.

Recently, the 16 winning consortia of the funding competition “Innovative and practical applications and data spaces in the Gaia-X digital ecosystem (Gaia-X funding competition)” have been announced. A total of 130 applications were submitted, including many consortia representing SMEs. The winners cover projects from numerous industries. They have successfully demonstrated the economic feasibility and usability of Gaia-X digital technologies and applications, the announcement said. The first of the winning projects are expected to start before the end of 2021.

Job Offers

Gaia-X’ organisational structure is growing and needs the support of professional staff to actively promote the common mission. Currently, the Gaia-X Association is looking for new team members in the fields of software development and communication:

*    Web 3.0 Software Developer (m/f/d)
*    Automation Software Developer (m/f/d)
*    Open-Source Community Manager (m/f/d)

You can find the detailed job advertisements at

Events: Gaia-X Summit & Hackathon #1

30 + 31 August 2021 | Hackathon #1 | Register here to participate.
For more information, see the article above.

18 + 19 November 2021 | Gaia-X Summit 2021 | Save the date!
Let us show you the first tangible results of how the Gaia-X ecosystem will actually work. And which individuals and groups are actively driving Gaia-X forward. Be informed, entertained, and involved! Read more

5. Key aspects from a Vice-Chair perspective:

  • DSBA Alliance

Meeting recording available here.

Dear Gaia-X friends and fellows,

Gaia-X is moving ahead with great strides: we are making progress both in technical development and in our organisational structure and the composition of our committees. Not only have the members of the Gaia-X Association elected the Board of Directors for the first time, but the specification for the first four Federation Services has also been completed. As a result, the opportunities for active involvement in Gaia-X are increasing.

Find out for yourself what else is new. We wish you a pleasant read!

Gaia-X Communication Team

Gaia-X Association has elected its first Board of Directors

The first Extraordinary General Assembly (EGA 21) of the Gaia-X Association, AISBL, took place on 7 June 2021. Off all 270 member organisations and companies those which had paid there fee were invited to elect the first Gaia-X Board of Directors via electronic voting, filling key positions of the organisation for the next two years.

177 member organisations had made use of the opportunity and voted. We are proud that transparency on the voting process enabled applications from companies of different sizes and a diverse selection of nominees. Out of 64 candidates, 24 were elected as Board members and two as independent Board members, Mr. Hubert Tardieu and Mr. Michael Bolle. Find here the full list of Board members.

Gaia-X Association is growing

Gaia-X Association is happy to already have welcome the 270th member. Amongst all members are organisations and enterprises of all sizes representing the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In addition, the 234 European members of the Gaia-X Association are accompanied by 36 members originating from China, Japan, Singapore and the United States. To benefit from full member rights (especially in terms of elections), it is mandatory to run a Europe-based headquarter. Please see for more detailed information.

Federation Services: Development of first implementations is tendered

The tender for the first Federation Services is starting and the best partners are to be selected to convert the specifications into source code and thus create a reference implementation. This will be open-source and thus offer all interested parties the opportunity to become part of the new digital ecosystem themselves. At the end of 2021, the first functional services are to be available so that so-called federators can put them into operation for the respective federation. For more information, see the press release of eco.

In portrait: CFO Jeanette Fava

We want you to get to know the people behind Gaia-X. Today we start with Jeanette Fava, who joined us as Chief Financial Officer in April. Part of her responsibilities is to look after our financial strategy, to steer and control our financial planning. Jeanette has an extensive experience in finance and administration both at national and international levels and throughout her career she worked in the private, government and non-profit sectors. She has been the project leader of numerous multinational projects, most of which has been co-funded by the European Commission under various programmes.

Establishment of further national Hubs

The work in the Hubs is progressing in leaps and bounds: In the meantime, the Hubs in Italy, Portugal and Slovenia have also been established. With Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg, seven Hubs have now been established. The inauguration of several more Hubs is also completed. More are planned for the next months.

Event Recap: “Speeding up Industrial AI and Trustworthiness”

“Trustworthy & Industrial AI” – Big topics that were discussed during the event with experts from science, industry and politics. The joint web seminar which emerged from a European cooperation between initiatives such as Gaia-X, BDVA, IDSA, the French Grand Défi and Plattform Lernender Systeme provided insights into existing projects and highlighted the opportunities and benefits of cross-border cooperation in this area of technology development. Two high-level panels opened up the dialogue between the different stakeholders to the audience, who diligently shared their perspectives, thoughts and comments as well.

Worth a visit: our new website

After weeks of technical, content-related and visual work, we present our new website. All information on Gaia-X can now be found bundled on Browse around and find out not only what Gaia-X actually is, which committees there are, but also how you can get involved yourself. We will keep you up to date on our news page and look forward to your visit! Check out our new website

Upcoming events

17 June | Information Webseminar | 10:30-12:00 CEST
Register Link:

Interested in any Gaia-X event?

You can participate in all events via our event network. Registration is necessary only once on with the access code gaiaxevents.

Monthly Tech deep dives

Technical Deep Dives inform about the technical progress of Gaia-X, usually run by the CTO office. They take place monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly depending on the milestones and releases necessary to be made.

Member Newsletters  

Member Newsletter:

To keep our members informed, we publish a monthly newsletter, which you receive in the third week of the month.

With this “members exclusive” newsletter, we aim to inform our members about:

  • The Association’s monthly achievements
  • Presentan update on the findings of the last BoD Meeting
  • Share new released documents with you
  • Share the latest Tech News with you
  • Introduce new Processes and Structures
  • Inform you how you as a member can contribute to the Gaia-X Framework
  • Inform you about new members
  • Provide practical info to make membership-life easy
  • Inform you about upcoming Webinars and events

Funding newsletter

The funding newsletter presents a regular overview of possible Fundings for your project on EU and National level.

Repository of newsletters:

Tech Newsletter

The Tech newsletter presents the latest development information within the CTO area. All Members receive these newsletters.

Click here to read the latest news

Project and Proposal Office (PPO)

The Projects and Proposal Office (PPO) has the crucial role of screening funding opportunities, both at national and European levels through various networks. The research for the calls is based on the lines of business of the Association`s company members. Members are informed about the ongoing tender calls by the PPO through a featured funding newsletter.

The PPO also offers the following services to members:

  • Helping in consortia refinement (help them finding their missing relevant partners);
  • Helping consortia in meeting all the objectives of the call (PPO examines the call and sees that the objectives are all clearly met and if not, a call is scheduled with the consortium coordinator);
  • Organising support calls between the consortium partners/coordinator and the responsible team of the call (the latter helps in answering particular queries related to the call which may require further deep understanding of the call criteria by the consortium partners/coordinator);
  • Working with the hubs on national calls
  • Providing endorsement letters

Gaia-X members can submit a request to the PPO (email to: to receive an endorsement for their project proposal, through a support or recommendation letter. The criterial listed below must be fulfilled to be eligible.

Endorsement letters are provided to members whose project proposals meet the Gaia-X mission and principles including:

  • adding to the goals of Gaia-X by reaching Gaia-X compliance and making use of the GXFS specifications
  • has a widespread measurable impact on the economy/society (e.g., reducing CO2 footprint, reducing waste/cost, creating new user services….)
  • has a certain scale potential
  • is complementary but at the same time linked to other data spaces by using GXFS specifications to enable interoperability across ecosystems
  • has a large potential user base (small, medium enterprises in addition to larger players) by for example adding a market analysis, a business model strategy to the tender proposal
  • it is pan European, meaning tender participants include companies from various European countries
  • has clarity on use cases, meaning proposal should include some form of business model/plan.

Any questions? Contact us


Communication offers from the CMO office, the Gaia-X MARCOMM Department  

Our members are welcome to reach out to our Marcomm department for a joined Press-release,a social Media Campaign, organising an event together, contribute to the Gaia-X Podcasts, Magazine, or Video Series.