Technical Committee 2022/10/28

CTO update

Gaia-X Framework update

–     Purpose to better visualize the software elements, by simplifying their description on the first page and adding a separate page.

–    It is observed that the software elements categorised as “External”, are not linked to the Gaia-X specifications like those under the Gaia-X Lab or that are part of the GXFS Toolbox, and there should be a process in place to endorse them (to be further discussed).

–    The participants are invited to provide further inputs about the representation of software elements in the Framework, by opening an issue here

–    The participants are in favour of adding one more box for Self-Descriptions, linked to the Service Characteristics and Infrastructure Characteristics groups.

New releases of TC deliverables – approval

–    Architecture Document 22.10 – see

–    Data exchange 22.10 – see – Worked on the Vocabulary and building blocks for Data Exchange Services

–    ICAM 22.10 – see and – The specifications have been updated and the Self-Description Model has been added

– v22.10 – see  – Initial approval of the Schema through various MRs against the Trust Framework

All the deliverables are presented and approved by the TC.

WGs status updates

WG Service Characteristics:

–    A task to come discussing with Pierre Gronlier: generalization of Trusted Cloud, SecNumCloud, BSI C5, EUCS(close to existing standards but moving target), etc. into an aligned compliance standards layer

      • Alternative framing: mention Trusted Cloud as an example
      • WG Compliance and WG SvCh will be happy to coordinate on this

GXFS-FR project is working on Labels. EUCS is still to be approved. BSI C5 and SecNumCloud are about security and there is no match 1:1 to Labels. It is reported the ongoing work within the Labels WG in identifying “example standards” for each Label criterion.




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