Technical Committee 2022/10/21

CTO update

OSS Community

–        Hackathon report published –

–        Link to the Press release

–        The group started working collectively on the agenda – see

–        Link to the minutes

Documents to be presented to the TC at the latest on October 28th and voted on November 4th 

–        Architecture doc 22.10

–        Data Exchange 22.10

–        SvcCharacteristics 22.10

  •  Add box under tech specs for the WG (to be further discussed)

–        ICAM 22.10

  • Editorial changes from 21.03, to improve readability and consistency with the other deliverables + SD-model.
  • Andreas and Pierre will discuss further on this version in an alignment meeting next week
  • It is possible to follow the changes in every element of the document checking tags that have been created
Dropping of PDF generation for TC documents – vote

–       It is highlighted the importance of having periodic snapshots and keep the older versions of documents available

–       Since many members and projects need PDFs for internal review, it is decided to keep them.

–       The HTML release in general will come sooner than the pdf.

How to present Gaia-X in 4 min – proposal (see )

–       The presentation will be shared with different stakeholders to get feedback useful to improve the storytelling.

–        Deployment and functional views could be added.

WGs status updates

–       Data Exchange WG is proceeding according to the timeline already agreed.

–       MR from Service Composition will be checked by Pierre.

–       WG Service Characteristics:

  • Sub-WG Infrastructure planning next f2f workshop in November; next implementation sprint to be defined once Alina is back
  • Looking at the two separate proposals for describing data exchange services (one from Catena-X → Trust Framework, one from FedSvc Sub-WG Data Exchange), will suggest synergy (high-level tracker is– AndreasWeiss that’s the same thing we also have on the GXFS-DE agenda)
  • Discussing merger of ICAM and SD Model documents in progress (as discussed already here)
  • Current TF will one last time include manually written attribute tables. After that, they will be auto-generated from the Single-Point-of-Truth in SvCh/YAML
  • the “SD schemas as Package” discussion: talked to Gaia-X Lab (Albert Peci) re. a common understanding of the shapes that the Compliance Service validates against (will be solved by the Package publication)
  • Discussion of an ontology that implements the Gaia-X concepts (AD, TF, …) in progress on the WG’s mailing list.
AoB and closing of the meeting

General Release strategy and process being prepared by the COO team:

  • release vehicles where documents are packed together
  • definition of the version of specifications used by the implementations
  • definition of a cadence for releasing specifications -availability of old releases and rules that define compliance link to release
  • request to have a presentation on the Release strategy plan to the TC by the COO team.




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