Technical Committee 2022/10/14

CTO Update

BoD Update

  • Updates on the Summit have been provided (agenda, location)
  • The new release of the Architecture Document has been approved (22.10) – the license will be updated to CC BY-NC-ND before publication. CI pipeline to be fixed in GitLab. The next release will be 22.11, with the content already discussed within the TC.

Demo for the Gaia-X Summit

  • No updates since the last presentation (see previous meeting)

Removal of the mention of EDC and EDC extensions from the Gaia-X Framework page

  • The decision has been taken by the CTO since no software is available, and everyone should show the source code to demonstrate Gaia-X compliance. The decision can be re-evaluated as soon as there is an update.
  • Some participants highlight the need and the opportunity to involve the whole TC in such strategic decisions regarding the Framework, recalling the role of the TC in its maintenance.
  • The CTO clarifies that using the RACI terms, the Gaia-X management is responsible and accountable for the Gaia-X Framework page. The groups are consulted and informed.
DSBC Whitepaper – approval
  • The vote is on the document which has been transmitted two weeks ago
  • The comments received in the meantime have been transmitted to the DSBC as inputs for the next versions of the paper
  • Ongoing work within the DSBC – WG Technical, related to Interoperability between data spaces is reported.

Results of the vote:

–  1 approval (2 counting the CTO
–  5 abstains
–  4 rejections

WGs status updates

Service Characteristics

  • Meeting with Albert Peci to sort out the SD schemas used by the Compliance Service. It’s currently using an outdated version not up-to-date w.r.t. what the WGs Service Characteristics and Compliance have defined.
  • Need to figure out how to practically get the latest SD attributes into the Trust Framework to be approved by the next BoD.
AoB and closing of the meeting

Trust Framework – update – see

  • Some of the main updates are presented (addition of trusted data sources, extension of the Trust Framework, update of the account export, MR being prepared together with Lighthouses regarding the description of data resources, etc.)
  • The participants in the TC are invited to contribute to the deliverable , owned by the WG Compliance.

Discussion on the role of the TC

  • Objectives reported in the Mission Document, which can be reviewed.
  • The role of the Committees is explained in general in the Gaia-X Operational Handbook
  • The CTO would like to see the TC more focused on the content (e.g, work done in the past on the Conceptual Model)

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