Technical Committee 2022/10/07

CTO Update

Use of CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license for Gaia-X documents

Following legal consultation, the better license to be applied to the Gaia-X Architecture Document and to the other Gaia-X deliverables seems to be  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.

NC= Non-Commercial (you can’t sell the document)

ND= No Derivatives (not possible to “rebrand” the content and publish it without approval)

The decision to use this license will be submitted to the Gaia-X Board.

Hackathon #5 report

The full report should be available in two weeks.

A summary of the Hackathon is presented (see ).

Among the main results of the Hackathon:
– Improvement of documentation (mainly related to SD format and VPs from VCs)
– Identification and fixing of bugs
– New functionality created
– More than 70 SDs created

Plan for the demo at the Summit

The preliminary structure of the demo is showed and discussed:

– Intro/key messages (among them, Gaia-X works on interoperability across Federations)
– How can I use it (create a SD – workflow to search and to consume – in the catalogue demo the names of the companies won’t be anonymized)
– What is the value (objectivize trust, etc..)

The demo is in preparation – there will be further alignment with different stakeholders.

DSBC Whitepaper – presentation and approval

The paper, already shared in its reviewed version with the TC, is presented.

The majority of the participants vote in favor of postponing the approval of the Whitepaper to the next TC meeting, in order to have the vote announced in advance and possibly submit final comments.

The vote on the paper is postponed to the 14th of October.

The comments must be sent to Pierre Gronlier, Viridiana Alverde and Anna-Maria Schleimer. They will be analysed and possibly integrated into the document.




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