Technical Committee 2022/09/23

CTO update

Cyber Resilience Act (see )

  • The proposal for regulation is highlighted to the TC. It may be of interest and have an impact on the work of different working groups, e.g. Service Characteristics.
  • Following the approach agreed internally to address this kind of topics, a requirement can be submitted and a Sprint can be started, with the goal of preparing a position paper/impact analysis.
WGs Updates and sync – alignment on timeline for review and approval of deliverables
  • Goal to follow the original plan to have updated releases of all the main deliverables before the Summit, ensuring consistency among them. About the new version of the Architecture Document, this should be presented to the Board in October.
  • Discussion on Catalogue and Registry and possible misunderstandings around them. The Registry is described in the Architecture Document and in this context the Registry in an ecosystem doesn’t matter. Still, the integration in the deployment of a Federation has to be taken into account. The Federations needs also to have their own trust environment.
  • The Registry and the Catalogue can both be extended from Gaia to the ecosystems.
  • Detailed description of the Scenario provided by the Federation Services WG and presented in various WGs. Huge benefit from it to make things clearer – ongoing alignment on terminology.
  • A dedicated session on policies/catalogue/registry with the various stakeholders is proposed by Klaus.
  • Work done by GXFS-FR on executable/verifiable policies starting from Labels.
  • The progress in the Trust Framework regarding data services is the result of four weeks of meetings with Lighthouse Projects. A lack of active contribution from WG participants is reported.
  • Process of cooperation between the WGs Service Characteristics and Compliance to be better structured.
  • Need to involve the Lighthouses in the Sub-WG Data Exchange Services and increase cooperation with other WGs. The group is about to submit a huge MR to the Architecture Document.
  • Ongoing cooperation regarding the implementation of compliance rules in rego between Steffen Schulze (GXFS-DE) and Olivier Tirat (GXFS-FR). Olivier is working on Rego rules, Steffen on the Rego engine.
AoB, next steps and closing of the meeting
  • Discussion related to the communication sent by Gaia-X asking for Verifiable Credentials from members, in order to show them in a Demo at the Summit.
    It is clarified that the purpose of collection is limited to the demo, in order to show real data, and the focus is on the ability to how description and selection of services can look like, using real data. The focus is on conformity, and not on compliance. The data is provided on a voluntary basis. The communication has been re-sent to all the emails that initially bounced back, using a DCP link.

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