Technical Committee 2022/09/16

CTO Update
WGs Updates and sync – alignment on the timeline for review and approval of deliverables

WG Architecture

  • Improvement in the overall alignment of terminology is reported, especially regarding Trust anchors/notarisation service.

WG Service Characteristics

  • Sub-WG Infrastructure doing their current requirements Sprint till 13 Oct (Jira)
  • Working on call to Providers to submit compliance claims in order to Verifiable Credentials. – Reviewing SvCh !79 by GXFS-FR by Monday
  • SD Modeldeliverable for 22.10 still being worked on, will be released to TC for review on Monday
  • Following up on last week’s discussion, automated bottom-up service classification (SvCh #131) should be discussed on TC level, as its scope is beyond Service Characteristics.
  • Decided to formally introduce the cooperation on attributes (definition vs. cardinality) between Service Characteristics and Compliance once more in WG Compliance – they’ll get in touch with the WG Compliance lead
  • Reported a positive session the day before within GXFS-DE involving Steffen Schulze, Berthold Maier, Anja Strunk, Christoph Lange-Bever and Lauresha Memeti, about VPs and turning of claims into credentials by using the TSA and OCM services. The discussion will help in clarifying the ongoing WG tasks.
AoB, next steps and closing of the meeting
  • The need to communicate the planned and ongoing Sprints to all group leads is highlighted.
  • The Sprints will be advertised in a section of a new Intranet, which is currently in preparation, in order to facilitate the participation of members with the necessary skills. However, sprints are not strictly linked to working groups (people belonging to various groups and more generally all members can be involved

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