Technical Committee 2022/09/09

CTO update

Update on Gaia-X courses

  • Ongoing work to compile the first inputs received (e.g. regarding Hubs, Lighthouses…), to create the first Gaia-X course
  • Goal to raise the overall understanding on Gaia-X and the related topics
  • The topic will be brought to the BoD the following Monday
  • The WG leads are asked to reach out to Viridiana to provide questions/answers to be added
  • The first course will be on Gaia-X in general, special courses for specific WGs will be created in the future
  • The courses will be maintained internally – the groups can decide, if they think it is useful, to maintain in GitLab the questions/answers that are specific to them/produced by them
Mission documents updates
WGs Updates and sync – alignment on timeline for review and approval of deliverables

WG Federation Services

  • It has to be ensured the alignment between the GXFS Scenario and the Architecture Document – some content from the GXFS Scenario can be integrated in the Architecture Document (to be checked further with the WG Architecture)

WG Service Characteristics

  • Infrastructure workshop on 25 Aug led to definition of a lot of useful classes and attributes (merged, and defined follow-up tasks for next requirements sprint)
  • Good work in progress on definition of Self-Description Model (more text to be added during the next few days)
  • discussion on automatic classification of services by statistical analysis of the attributes they use has started
  • GXFS-DE and GXFS-FR use cases require the definition of additional SD attributes, which do not initially pass through the WG’s discussion and approval (but will do so later). We are technically separating them from those attributes that feed into the TF as not to mess with the TF.

Timeline for review and approval of deliverables

  • The TC deliverables have to be ready by the end of September, to be approved by the TC and submitted to the BoD in the October meeting.

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