Technical Committee 2022/09/02

Compliance with Competition Law and Antitrust Guidelines
  • The guidelines are read and acknowledged by the participants.
CTO Update
  • The publications section on the website is updated with two tabs (documents published by the community/internal specifications)
  • The Gaia-X Framework has been improved, in terms of representation and content – it’s possible to generate links
  • Starting of preparation of Gaia-X courses /Gaia-X Academy
  • Goal to raise the overall understanding on Gaia-X and the related topics and reduce OOT discussions in working groups
  • Traditional online training – goal to have several trainings for different topics
  • First course on the Gaia-X Association
  • Courses on topics that are relevant for the various WGs will be offered
  • Some courses will become mandatory to participate in working groups
  • The WG leads are invited to send to Viridiana questions that are typically asked in their groups and are part of the general knowledge on Gaia-X
  • Questions/answers will also be taken from the GXFS FAQ page
 Review and approval of Mission Documents

The updates on the two mission documents are approved.  The participants are asked to approve them also in GitLab

Presentation of the new roadmap and decision on the timeline for the review phase of the TC deliverables

  • Reviewed version of the documents by the end of September
  • Documents to be submitted to the BoD in October

AoB, next steps and closing of the meeting

  • Guillaume Pavic will leave the Association by the end of September – a new resource will be hired – the web agency will provide some support in the meantime

The Gaia-X Framework now constitutes the base and source for the updated content – suggestion to add content to the mission documents, that are linked to the Gaia-X Framework

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