Technical Committee 2022/08/12

1. Compliance with antitrust law

2. Voting for mission document for OSS:

  • There were 3 votes against; 4 votes to approve or abstain.
  • Because the voting is tight and participation in the TC is low, the document was considered as not approved by the TC.
  • Action point for Klaus to propose updates on the document with the clarifications that were considered as missing.

3. Voting for mission document for Service Characteristics:

  • There were 0 votes against; 5 votes to approve, 1 vote to abstain.
  • The document was considered approved.

4. Discussion on the tools to generate documents from GitLab

5. Service Characteristics: meeting series ended and needs to be renewed; mail to Giuditta was sent

6. Discussion on timeline of deliverables for the Gaia-X Framework

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