Technical Committee 2022/08/05

CTO update

  • The Gaia-X Framework now contains the release dates as well
  • Comment from Klaus on the Gaia-X Framework that the information will also be made available on the intranet; additional information is needed connect the WG and OSS activities with the deliverables. This information will also be translated in Jira to visualize and monitor progress on the deliverables
  • Pierre will share an article for the TC mailing list on which he would like to receive feedback

WG updates

  • Service Characteristics:
    – Requirements work on infrastructure attributes (RB-28) extended by 2nd sprint; expected delivery as an output of the 25 August workshop of the Infrastructure Sub-WG;
    – Discussed the question of “free-floating Resources” (not owned by a Participant). Architecture #223, but WG SvCh and probably also WG Compliance will also be able to help with that;
    – Christoph will get back to Pierre Gronlier w.r.t. the technical details of publishing the SD Schemas in the Registry. You had a good point in !55 but details need to be discussed.
  • Architecture:
    • The group is reviewing the open issues. There are dependencies on IAM WG, Data exchange, and on Service Characteristics WG and there are ongoing discussions on how to align

General discussion on deliverables and timeline:

  • The aim is to have the work completed by end of August, to give time for review during September, and get the final approval and publication end of October. All WG representatives that were present mentioned that end of August/beginning of September is an achievable timeframe for the work their WGs are doing.
  • Comment that having a 4-week long review time is not feasible, and that checks on the content and progress should happen before the release.
  • Comment on the requirements which translate into deliverables: people who raise the requirements should also commit resources to work on those deliverables


  • Reminder to TC members to review and approve the mission documents for the OSS community and Service Characteristics WG.


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