Technical Committee 2022/08/26

Compliance with Competition Law and Antitrust Guidelines
  • The guidelines are read and acknowledged by the participants.
 WGs updates and sync & timeline review
  • Goal to have all the deliverables ready before the Gaia-X Summit
  • The TC should evaluate at the next meeting if the documents are ready for review, in order to submit them to the BoD in October.

WG Architecture

  • A new overview chapter has been edited, adding a representation where data and infrastructure providers are not separated. Furthermore, it is represented the relationship between the Gaia-X Framework and the other elements needed on top of it to build Ecosystems (see ). This content, already reviewed during the Architecture meeting, will be shortly moved to GitLab, to allow for further feedback and contribution.
  • In general, inputs are needed for some sub-WGs (e.g., IAM) to update the respective sections in the Architecture Document
  • The open issues are briefly presented

WG Federation Services (see )

  • Key activity: scenario alignment
  • Working on a live demo for the Summit. Coding is done mainly by GXFS-FR.
  • Need to ensure consistency between specification and related software components. Need to align with WGs (for example, Compliance and Labels) also in terms of terminology.
  • The PRC and the TC need to endorse what will be shown at the Summit – full consistency on the storyline is needed.
  • There is work ongoing aimed at having the roadmap implemented also in Jira. Some elements could be possibly put in a sort of “incubation” stage.

Sub-WG Infrastructure Service Characteristics

  • A productive onsite meeting took place the day before (25 Aug). A very consistent service taxonomy has been agreed upon during the meeting. This taxonomy, following the established processes, will be presented to the WG Service Characteristics, and then to the WG Compliance.
  • 3 classes (compute, storage, and connectivity) have been further divided into 3 other classes each.
  • Worked on attributes related to interconnection points, with the goal to achieve interoperability, not only between interconnection providers.
  • Need to work together with the Service Characteristics WG on the composition of attributes.

DSBC WG Technical

  • It is reported that a new WG lead has been elected, Felix Gerbig (BMW).
  • About the requirements management process, current goal to link the requirements to a specific level/release of specifications and components.


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