Technical Committee 2022/07/22

CTO Update

FOSS Policy

  • The “Gaia-X Free and Open Source Software Policy” (see, approved by the Board of Directors on 11 April 2022, is made available to the TC, being relevant information to be considered as part of the discussion on how to handle requests for code contribution/donation
  • The Policy has been drafted by the Gaia-X legal team and it is made available not for approval but for information
  • It is proposed to discuss further this topic at the next TC meeting.

WGs updates and sync

WG Architecture

  • The initial inventory of Gaia-X deliverables is presented (see ). The goal is to move to a representation that can be relatively easily shared with the outside and maintained;
  • The updated representation of the Gaia-X Framework and the link with the external components is discussed. initial work will be presented to the BoD in an informal meeting, as a proposal to go forward.
  • An updated version will be provided for the next TC, to take a decision on whether to use it as a tool to go forward


–        Suggestion to clarify the acronyms
–        Connections with Lighthouse projects to be highlighted
–        The Lighthouse projects have to be compliant with Gaia-X specifications and may use software developed by themselves or by the GXFS projects
–        The representation is easily extendable – as soon as something is developed, it can be added
–        Additional information on the maintainers of deliverables/components can be added
–        It has to be clear what to do when a requirement is not yet covered (e.g update a specification, build a new component.) – if there is a gap, a structured way to address it must be found and it has to be represented in the roadmap. The contributing parties must also be shown.
–        Suggestion to build another matrix to highlight to what extent the Lighthouses use Gaia-X
–        This representation can be used to have a general discussion with Lighthouses/have a structured communication with them
–       The maturity level of the various components that are represented should also be shown. This point has been addressed in a work done by the DSBC Technical WG to make an inventory of technical building blocks
–       The ideal solution to be aligned with Lighthouses is to involve directly people in the working groups where technical specifications are built
–       Ongoing work on building blocks identification also within IDSA – similar mapping. A survey is also going on by IDSA. It’s important to be aligned.

WG Federation Services

  •  Summer break from weekly meetings until August 24
  •  Still working on scenarios – additional contributions have been made and will be deepened – purpose is to show how to use Gaia-X



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