Technical Committee 2022/07/15

CTO Update

TC vice-lead

  • Request from the Board to have a vice-lead for the TC
  • Pierre proposed Klaus and the Board accepted his nomination
  • Klaus thanks and highlights that he wants to help in making the Gaia-X challenge happen
  • Major goals from Klaus’ point of view in the short term: bring together Committees with Lighthouse projects and ensure to have a better description of what is being done within the project

Code contributions to Gaia-X

  • Cristina presents her analysis on the topic of how to deal with requests for code contributions/donation of code from member and non-members. The situation, the challenges and some alternatives are presented (see the slides here )


  • The participants agree on the fact that the topic is in scope for the TC
  • The existing contributions and the interaction between components/interoperability are two aspects to be considered
  • A proper framework for everything has to be found
  • A good definition of core Federation Services is needed
  • The specifications are not static, while the whole set of Gaia-X deliverables should remain consistent
  • Need to define a process to deal with the topic and take decisions – the TC weekly meeting is not enough
  • Need to keep alignment with internal IP rules
  • Discussion on weather a sub-WG dedicated to this topic is needed or not. In a sub-WG, also people external to the TC could be involved. Furthermore, the TC is a decision body – the activities are done by the groups. On the other hand, the TC is agreeing to take this responsibility and the creation of a sub-WG might be a slower solution/not needed.

After discussion, it is decided that a follow-up meeting involving Cristina, Pierre and Klaus will be organised, a  about the solution to be proposed to implement the proper process.

Cristina will translate the slides to markdown and will elaborate them further a bit. This work/discussion on the process to be implemented will be transferred to GitLab to ensure transparency

Proposed vote on the termination of the sub-WG Self-Description Lifecycle

  • It is proposed to vote at the next TC on the termination of the Self-Description Lifecycle sub-WG, since it has fulfilled its mission.
  • The participants agree on the proposal, and Philipp informs that for the participants in the sub-WG would be ok to close is, since the missing discussions can be addressed in GitLab without the need for a dedicated group.
  • Andreas asks to have this kind of information more in advance, in the future, and highlights the importance to allow in any case the experts to review the work
  • About the Self-Description Model, , it is specified by Pierre that it is derived from MR#42 submitted by Anja and Christoph about the format of SD. The work is still in a too preliminary phase to be discussed, but after some progress is made it will be submitted to review by the FS WG and by the TC

WGs updates and sync

WG Architecture

  • Klaus presents the preliminary work he did/basis for discussion about a more structured presentation of Gaia-X deliverables
  • Klaus proposes to have as a delivery for the TC the maintenance of an updated view of deliverables – reference list of deliverables and associated WGs, in order to have and provide a consistent view
  • Pierre highlights that it would be important first to decide what are the mandatory and the optional specifications, in order to plan a release only for the mandatory ones.
  • Klaus will make a proposal to the next TC meeting and will solicit input from all the TC participants

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