Technical Committee 2022/07/08

CTO Update

  • The following three deliverables, together with the Architecture Document 22.09 and the Trust Framework 22.09, have to be ready by the end of September:
  1. GXFSv2: Identity and Access management 22.09 (
  2. GXFSv2: Data Exchange services 22.09 (
  3. GXFSv2: Self-Description model 22.09 ( will be three publications, one for each of the three previous points.
    Regarding the Self-Description model, a first initial commit has been made (see )and feedback is welcome.

It is requested to have an updated representation of the roadmap for the deliverables. A proper place in the Intranet has to be agreed upon.

  • In the new version of the Gaia-X website, there’ll be two clearly distinct places for the Gaia-X documents (framework, standards, federation services), and the other documents published by the community.
  • It is reminded of the availability of – to have online browsing.
  • About the statistics related to the GitLab activity, on the basis of the results of the automation, considering also reactions, about 20% of participants’ engagement is measured.

Mission documents review and update
WG Service Characteristics​

The Mission Document of the WG is discussed and reviewed. After the implementation of the suggestions agreed upon in the meeting, the update of the mission document is ready for approval.

Sub-WG Self-Description Lifecycle
Pierre Gronlier suggests terminating the group, since it has delivered what is written in the mission document, and there are also overlaps between the Architecture/Service Characteristics/Self-Description Lifecycle groups. Some elements will be moved to the new deliverable being started by the Service Characteristics WG – ref.

Philipp Hertweck adds that there are parts to be completed and two MR regarding the SD lifecycle that need to be discussed and solved.

About the possibility to move some work related to SD Lifecycle to the new Self-Description model deliverable, Christoph Lange-Bever observes that as of now his group is only addressing “static” elements.

It is decided to continue the discussion and make a decision on the possible termination of the Self-Description WG in the next TC meeting, after proper preparation.

The alternatives seem to be the expansion of the mission document of the Service Characteristics WG or the review of the mission document of the self-description lifecycle sub-WG.

WGs updates and sync

WG Service Characteristics​ – integration to the previous points:


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