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Dear Tech Community,

Here is our latest Gaia-X tech news.

This month concludes with an overview of:



✔️ Latest Hackathon 20-21 June 2022

✔️ Trust Framework and online API

✔️ Call for contributions

✔️ Gaia X Summit 2022

✔️ CTO office is hiring!




SIMPL is the intelligent middleware that will enable cloud-to-edge federations and support all major data initiatives funded by the European Commission, such as common European data spaces.

Gaia-X has officially communicated to all our members regarding this topic. In this statement, Gaia-X CEO Francesco Bonfiglio answered the most frequently asked questions he received in the last couple of weeks. He also talks about our Gaia-X position on this matter.

Please read the complete statement here.


🤝 Trust Framework & Online API


Gaia-X Trust Framework 22.04 is available online here. This document establishes the rules to become Gaia-X Compliant.

We have launched an online API which was already tested on our last hackathon.

Check out our Get started guide to start using it. You can also contribute!


📢 Last Hackathon 20-21 June 2022


During this Hackathon, we had the pleasure of connecting with our open-source community, clearly addressing what it takes to be Gaia-X compliant.

It was a two-day event with twelve onboarding sessions, both for newcomers and the more advanced audience, and plenty of time for hacking. You can find the agenda and the presentations on the event’s wiki page [1] and the site here.

The hands-on coding was centered on creating self-descriptions and using the Gaia-X compliance service to validate them. In total, 63 example self-descriptions were created, and added in the hackathon repo [2]. Some were done manually, other were generated automatically by tools developed during the hackathon. While most tried the compliance API [3] manually, some sessions added calls to the compliance service from their software, making the verification process as simple as pressing a button.

All in all, it was an event where anyone could see what the community is up to, as well as getting hands-on experience and try out the software.





📢 Call for Contributions  


As already mentioned, the trust framework API is online. To improve the user experience of the service, we need additional tools around it.

For this reason, we warmly invite our open-source community to contribute and help us find an easy way to sign/store/exchange self-descriptions.

We are looking for developers who are familiar with these technologies:


👉 Webauthn



👉Web Push

If you want to join, please contact our Open-Source Program Manager, Cristina Pauna


📢 Gaia X Summit 2022, 17 -18 November 2022


This year’s Summit (online set-up) will take place in Paris, France 17 and 18 of November.

Stay tuned for more info!

Any interests for call for speakers, please direct to the CMO,

All proposals would need to show a concrete collaboration with Gaia-X; user and enabler cases, status and progress made and the business value of specific services following compliance with the Gaia-X Framework and specifications: Architecture, Policy Rules, Trust Framework, and Labelling Framework.


📢 CTO office is hiring !


During the following months, the CTO Office will be working to:

1.   Develop a web tool for Natural Participants to sign self-description

  • No command line. No software to install. 100% web-based approach
  • This will also give us inputs for writing the rules for Natural Participant. (Right now, we only have Legal Participant rules)
  • Import/export into a mobile/cloud wallet (optional).

2.   Update the Compliance service to collect valid self-description into a DB

  • On request only. By default, we do not save them. (…&store=true)
  • This will help our community to exchange GX SD.

3.   Update the Registry service to become the point of reference

  • List of schema
  • List of shacl
  • List of T&C
  • List of controlled vocabularies defined in the Trust Framework.

Therefore, we are looking for a Backend Software Developer to help us reach these goals. The full job offer is available here:

The candidate should have the following profile:

  • Mandatory Programming languages: Typescript, Javascript
    • Good to know: JAVA, Python, Shell-Script
  • Familiar with asynchronous programming, asymmetric encryption, and authorisation framework. (async/await, ED25519, RSA, X509, OAuth2.0, OpenID Connect).
  • Skills for the design, development, delivering and consumption of REST APIs and backend development in general (versioning, filtering, paging, searching, …).
  • Knowledgeable with SQL database (type PostgreSQL), container (docker) and Kubernetes configuration (certmanager, load balancer, scaling, …).
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, debugging, and troubleshooting skills, including from production logs.
  • Experience with the release process: Source code control, unit/functional tests, package installers, build scripts, CI/CD,…(Gitlab), including writing developer documentation (, readthedocs-style, OpenAPI).
  • Ability to lead technical discussions and reach consensus in an open-source community.
  • Experience with Fronted development (Vue.js or similar) is a plus.

Interests about this position, please send your CV and cover letter to Finance and Administration Manager, Mr Alberto Curatolo at

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