Technical Committee 2022/07/01

CTO Update

  • The Gaia-X Lab will be terminated by the summer, having reached its goals, and as planned originally (6-months contract)
  • A new version of the Trust Framework has been prepared and it is ready for approval by the PRC and BoD
  • Positive meeting between FIWARE, IDSA, Alastria and Gaia-X CTOs. A cooperation plan related to the Catalog (FIWARE), Data negotiation (IDSA), Identity and web wallet (Gaia-X IAM group, Alastria) topics has been developed.
  • The MR 42 submitted by Anja Strunk/Service Characteristics WG is very relevant and should be published in a deliverable – maybe GXFS Toolbox (to be checked)

Sprint Planning Team meeting – update

  • First meeting on 29 June
  • Cross-WG alignment on requirements and discussion with the originator of the requirement
  • Grooming session together with the Lighthouse project to increase understanding of current Gaia-X deliverables, improve clarity and quality of requirements
  • The overall Requirement to Product process includes an alignment between the various Committees, so it is expected to improve quality and facilitate coherence between deliverables
  • About the relationship between the requirements in Jira and the work in GitLab, a link will be made from both parts and the work on the requirements could generate the need to make changes to the deliverables.
  • A proposal regarding the role of the DSBC WG Technical in supporting the Requirements to Product process is presented. The group proposes to do a quality check/improve the quality of requirements/support the scalability of the process (see )

WGs Update & Sync

  • Agreement to have a new/first when it’s the case version of the following documents published before the Gaia-X Summit in November:
  1. Architecture Document
  2. Trust framework
  3. GXFS specs: IAM
  4. GXFS specs: Data Exchange
  5. GXFS specs: Self-description information model


  • Feedback is beibg requested on the timeline for review and publication of the whitepaper prepared by the DSBC WG Technical.

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