Technical Committee 2022/06/24

General announcement

  • The Glossary will be handled by the COO office. The intent is the build the Glossary out of the specification and not the otherway around.
  • Management team update (COO/CFO)
  • Docs: please use to create links between documents, pointing to direct section
  • Hiring: Backend Software Developer / Technical Content Writer. Jobs offer will be on the website.
  • Nomination of Sebastian Steinbuß as Data Exchange interim co-lead
  • Gaia-X Tech summit
  • Computable contract: presentation and collaboration proposal with Catena-X legal persons.

Federation Services WG

Data Exchange SubWG

  • start working on functional building block, policies for data exchange (based on existing work OpenDEI, IDSA, ….)

Architecture WG

  • main MR about Label workflow (Label Owner, Label Issuer, Label Verifier (aka CAB))

Service Characteristics WG

  • find/found a place for the service taxonomy
  • need to update release cycle mechanism (TF, registry, gitlab)
  • each team will align with GXFS-FR and GXFS-DE to implement multi-release publication of our tech artifacts like
  • hackathon led to many SD examples: realistic but partly messy; SvCh now needs to specify what should be the “right” way of using the VC data model in Gaia-X
  • our contributions to the glossary will have a future in the Trust Framework, next to the taxonomy
  • last few MRs pending approval/merge prevent publication of technical artifacts at – being fixed ASAP

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