Technical Committee 2022/06/17

General Update

Data Exchange SubWG

Service Characteristics SubWG

  • Define first set of attribute for Intrastructure Services based on real world senarios
  • Identified “unsolved” problems with respect to write SD, e.g. how to link SD with each other or how to map SD to VC/VP types –> meeting with Gaia-X Lab scheduled to solve these problems
  • Get in contact to Gaia-X Lab to integrate/link SD creation wizard with Gaia-X Compliance Service

Service Composition SubWG

  • working on a mock service to validate the model for classes and workflow diagrams

Architecture WG

  • MR of the Label and generic Label/Compliance section in the TAD
  • Next planned release 22.09

Compliance WG

  • backlog refinement
  • new co-lead
  • GDPR attributes

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