Tech Newsletter ISSUE #5


Dear Tech Community,

Here is our latest Gaia-X tech news.

Past month concludes with an overview of:

✔️ Past Events – Recordings
✔️ Upcoming Events
✔️ GXFS Germany – GXFS France
✔️ Gaia X Lab Updates
✔️ Approval of the Trust Framework and Architecture document by the BOD

📢 Past Events- Recordings 


Past month Pierre participated to key third party events. if you missed it, you could still watch the recordings or access the PPT presentations here 👇

📅 12th May 2022  Numeum –   “Webinaire Gaia X Pourquoi et comment s’impliquer”

📅 12th May 2022  AFNeT Standard Days

📅 28 & 29 April 2022  Intelligent Infrastructure – “Data Spaces: Enabling New Era of Data Sharing”

📅 10th May 2022 Cloud Strategies 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

📅 11th May 2022 Cloud Expo 2022, Frankfurt, Germany

📅 19th May 2022 Data Science Summit Dublin 

📅 25th May 2022 Tech Deep Dive – Data Exchange Services

📢 Upcoming Events


📅  20-21 June 2022 Hackathon # 4 . Learn more – registration will open at the end of the week.

🤝 GXFS Germany – GXFS France


Early last month, two workshops took place with each of the GXFS Groups: GXFS-FR and GXFS-DE.

The compliance service has been developed by the Gaia X Lab and can now be tried out by the GXFS.

The goal is to work together on alignment and join our forces for a better and more impactful outcomes. Together, they are gathering new requirements for GXFS, to update the GXFS technical specifications. These workshops are instrumental to ensure both projects are cooperating to deliver the next Gaia X Federation Services.

📢 Gaia X Lab Updates 


There is a compliance endpoint.

First release of the Gaia-X Compliance endpoint by the Gaia-X Lab team. Check here:

The backlog can be tracked here

📢 Approval of the Trust Framework and Architecture document by the BOD


Both documents are now approved as a project milestone by the Gaia X Board of Directors.

The Gaia-X Architecture Document and Trust Framework are continuously updated to reflect the evolution of business requirements, changes in regulatory frameworks, and technology advances of the project.

The latest version of the Trust Framework is now published on our website.

Here you can find the lasted version of the Architecture document.  The new document is linked with the Gaia-X Trusted Framework and explains the Architecture model at the highest level.

Announcements will follow up on the intranet.

Thank you for reading.

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