Tech Newsletter ISSUE #4

Dear Tech Community,

Here is our latest Gaia-X tech news.

This month concludes with an overview of:

✔️ New Data Exchange Working Group

✔️ New Identity Access Management Working Group

✔️ Tech Deep Dive – Video recordings

✔️ Approval of the Trust Framework by the compliant WG

✔️ Podcast – The CTO series

✔️ Upcoming third-party events.

📢 New Data Exchange Working Group


Data is at the core of every company strategy, and they are big expectations about it. So after the TC reshape was completed earlier this year, we have recently decided to add two new WGs, one of them being the Data Exchange.

The new Data Exchange Working Group has been created to evaluate and work on the different needs and service requirements.

Those services can be implemented and provided in various ways, including but not limited to a single component like a data connector, and self-serving data infrastructure as defined in a Data Mesh model.

This Working Group works closely with Gaia-X lab, to evaluate needs and prototypes.

Interested to join this Working Group? Reach out to

Giuditta del Buono at

📢 New Identity Access Management Working Group


The IAM Working Group was recently launched. This WG  works on the identity and access federation between Identity Federation and liaise with the Gaia-X Lab for prototyping.

Interested to join this Working Group? Reach out to

Giuditta del Buono at

📢 Tech Deep Dive – Video recordings 


The CTO office has launched a series of Tech Deep Dives to engage our tech audience about Gaia X’s current tech project. The community is welcome to join and interact with our CTO, who will be answering your questions at the end of each session.

In case you have missed them, the recordings are available here below:

📅 📹 23-Feb-22 Gaia-X Trust Framework ant TC Reshape

📅 📹 25 Mar 22 Verifiable Credentials lifecycle

📅 📹 20- Apr-22 Gaia X Lab

Upcoming Tech Deep Dives:

📅  25- May – 22 Data Exchange Services

📢 Approval of the Trust Framework by the Compliance Working Group 


The Compliance Working Group, which oversees the listing of the Gaia-X rules and mandatory technical specifications, has been working to  evaluate the Trust Framework since early this year.

This document is now approved as a project milestone and is currently with the PCR team for further evaluation and finalisation.

📢 Podcast: The CTO series


Are you interested in watching the latest CTO podcast? Please check back on our relevant section: in the next few weeks.

📢 Upcoming third party events


Gaia X ‘s CTO Pierre Gronlier will be physically present at the following events.

If you are attending the same events, and you are interested in networking, please contact us:

📅 🎤   28- 29 April 2022 Intelligent Infrastructure, Austin Texas, USA

📅 🎤   10 May 2022  Cloud Strategies, Stockholm, Sweden

📅 🎤   11 May 2022 Cloud Expo Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany

Where he will participate on:

– PANEL: Digital Sovereignty & Global Collaboration

– How Gaia-X accelerates data exchange and value creation in 3 points.

Thank you for reading.

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