Technical Committee 2022/04/08

General Announcement

New “My account” page on the Intranet

  • The page has been created by the CTO Team. Clicking on a button, the members will be able to see the list of the groups to which they belong to and to request to join or leave a group.
  • The solution will be presented to the next BoD and will be communicated to all members – the aim is to ease and speed up the process of joining groups.

A new colleague joined the CTO team

  • Cristina Pauna joined the CTO team. She’ll be part of the PMO team and will support in particular the link and the alignment with all the open-source projects related to the Gaia-X project, with a focus on GXFS-DE/GXFS-FR and on the Gaia-X Lab.

Federation Services update

  • The document “Federation Services – Core specification of functional and technical requirements” has been transferred to Gitlab GitLab – see
  • Ongoing exchange and alignment between GXFS-DE and GXFS-FR – meeting on Tuesday. Benoit Tabutiaux (IMT) will probably propose himself as candidate for the vice-lead position in the Federation Services WG (to be officialized).
  • Need of alignment with the Gaia-X Lab, especially on the deliverables produced.
  • Proposal to have a periodical alignment with the Gaia-X Lab within the TC (dedicated slot) and to vote on decisions to be taken by the Lab, when there are multiple choices/solutions that can be adopted.

Discussion on the Data Exchange subWG

  • More information on the creation of the Data Exchange subWG are requested, specifying that it doesn’t seem to be aligned with the allocation of responsibilities between TC and DSBC recently agreed upon within the Association.
  • It is specified that the creation of the subWG was on the agenda of last TC and was approved by the TC, following a discussion on the high-level goal. An interim lead has been proposed and the Mission document still has to be formalized. The relationship with the DSBC WG Technical should be clearly defined in the Mission document.
  • Reference to the procedures reported in the Operational Handbook for starting new groups. Need to fully formalize the creation of the group, to ensure transparency and make it operational.
  • The important point is to have a place where the requirements are defined and another one where the solutions are developed, and to cooperate effectively. The responsibilities within the organization have now been more clearly split and the requirements analysis/management process that has been implemented should support collaboration.

Service Characteristics update

  • Work on deliverables in good progress; most recently a lot of Infrastructure contributions to TF and Glossary, as well as SD chapter review in TAD
  • Got initial understand about AAS via invited experts. Plan: will co-author tutorial on how to describe an Asset exposed via the AAS as a Gaia-X Service Offering.
  • Started migration from OWP Self-Description GitLab to WG SvC (still in progress)
  • Will look for a new timeslot; proposals Fri 9–10 or 10–11

Self-Description Lifecycle update

  • The first WG deliverable has been sent as MR – they already got some inputs and started to work on an update.
  • Work ongoing on the second deliverable (Self-Description Lifecycle – it should be finalised by June

Service Composition update

  • Priorities defined /alignment with other groups ongoing
  • The group is working on a first example regarding infrastructure services, to have a model of composition – output expected next week


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