Technical Committee 2022/04/01

General Announcement

Data Exchange SubWG

creation of a SubWG under the FS WG

  • Data exchange is in scope for Gaia-X specifications.
  • Data Connector products are out of scope for Gaia-X specifications.
  • Data Connector services are in scope for the Gaia-X Trust Framework.


Functional needs Comment
Identity & Attributes A common identity schema and vocabulary for attributes based access.
Data protocols A common set of protocol and data format, including Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)
Policies negotiation A common set of Domain Specific Language (DSL) to compute access rights and usage policies
Traceability A mean to store and trace the negociation results with the capacity to log intermediate realisations
Discoverability A mean to search and find dataset based on queries and filterings

Functional needs are listed in the Architecture doc with the input from the DSBC/Technology WG.

The Data Exchange SubWG will work to the technical specification.

Hachathon 3 – 1st review

Self-description wizard

  • Next step how to integrate with GXFS-DE Catalogue and portal.
  • Integration with the Lab: to be confirmed by Fraunhofer.

Service Characterics WG

  • election result: Christoph lead, Anja vice (and with Josep Blanch we had a 2nd vice candidate!)
  • broad coverage of SD topics in hackathon
  • scope clarified: now clear that everything (incl. taxonomy) will be fed into the Trust Framework Deliverable; WG agrees to the deadline/schedule as discussed in last week’s TC
  • agreed with WG Compliance: current Trust Framework deliverable release will focus on a minimum core. Items that are not straightforward to understand / to agree upon will be clarified in the next round.

Compliance WG

In order to accelerate and keep the process transparent and open to all, here are the actions we are taking,

  1. Only content proposals submitted in written form via Gitlab or Self-Service portal before April 5th will be considered for review until April 12th.
  2. Content proposals must have a clear, unambiguous rational explanation and will be prioritised by the Program Management team
  3. On April 12th, the Compliance WG will vote to approve the v1.0
  4. On April 13th, the PRC will be notified that a vote at the PRC level will happen on April 27th for the release of v1.0
  5. From April 13th to April 27th, we will work on editorial changes (typos, clarification, style rendering, …)
  6. On April 27th, the PRC will vote to approve the v1.0
  7. CCB review + BoD notification
  8. Publication in May.

Contract SubWG

Mission document available and on-hold until Trust Framework v1.0 is out.

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