Technical Committee 2022/03/25

General announcements

  • Deep dive at 12h of VC lifecycle
  • Registry v1.0 release
  • Hackathon on 28/29th March
  • New PMO for OSS Cristina joining 1st week April.
  • Internet: please share feedback on what you would like to see
    • Adding “My Account” section
  • An absent WG member of an organization can transfer their voting rights to another person of the same organization.
  • Data exchange is in scope for Gaia-X specifications.
  • Data Connector products are out of scope for Gaia-X specifications.
  • Data Connector services are in scope for the Gaia-X Trust Framework.

Service composition WG

  • Static vs dynamic Service composition
  • Work on the attributes required to do service composition
  • Sync with Service Characteristics

Federation Services WG

Service Characteristics WG

  • candidate list for election closed: Christoph Lange-Bever (lead); Anja Strunk (vice); Josep Blanch (vice). Questions about procedure.
  • Deliverables: Infrastructure Sub-WG has started to contribute to Trust Framework; Anja and Christoph will talk to Thomas Niessen (WG Compliance) about the details of Participant mandatory attributes
  • GitLab migration from OWP Self-Description to WG Svc. Char. (only announced this week)
  • AAS exchange (to be confirmed) planned for 7 April

Architecture WG

  • Update of Service composition model
  • Data Exchange service MR review
  • Rework of the Gaia-X Ecosystems chapter (remove duplicate content)


  • Strong alignment required between Compliance WG/Services Characteristics WG/Service Composition WG
  • Next Trust Framework + Architecture release targeted for April.
    • Freeze on the April 15th
    • Review until April 30th and TC approval

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